Property Services

With more than ten years of international service experience, JWP stands as the leadership position of professional, private, and dedicated, providing a full range of property services and corresponding lifestyle services afterward, throughout globe service teams and large varieties of service partners.


A comprehensive platform of cross-border asset management and lifestyle services for upper-middle-class families worldwide.


Shorten the distance of the world, broaden the boundaries of life.

Service Principles

Based on demand, focused on products, emphasis on services.

Hosting on Clients’ Behalf

Customer Service

Five-stars standard services committed to providing professional and quality

Overseas Managing Teams

Licensed property management teams globally with acknowledged credit and mission

One-stop Hosting

Create a one-stop service system for overseas investors, away from complicacy

Third-party Payment

Pay local currency with WeChat & Alipay,automatically converted to Euros

IMS App+

Review and manage properties without downloading the app,enjoy the profits and benefits from applet within IMS App like WeChatenjoy the profits and benefits from applet within IMS App like WeChat

Work Order System

Internal business management system to avoid omissions and improve service quality

Intelligent Property Management System

Higher hosting revenue gained and less cost-covering from intelligent solutions with more scalability

Bonni Superintendent

Support partners in tracking signed customer’s service updates online