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Prestigious real estate investment enterprise, with total assets under management of $2.8 billion, JWP based on diversified specialties of Real Estate Development and Investment Fund, providing superior asset management services to High Net Worth Individuals around the world, succeed from Asia, European, to North America’s demanding markets, shares the value of symbiosis benefits from win-win results.

The property categories of JWP real estate development contains culture tourism resort, villa, residential, nursing home, and student apartment, from more than 100 real estate projects, 40 cities, 9 countries globally, meeting the high-end’s requirements of cross-border property ownership and the assets allocation overseas. As one of the first real estate enterprises to carry out global layout and the most reliable cross-border investment services brand recognition, JWP real estate development promotes a prefabricated building approach actively with integrated intelligent residential highlights, conducts green ecology and environment-friendly.

In the meantime, JWP funds adheres to the principle of risk control and provides clients with professional screening, asset allocation, and portfolio management services for all types of financial investment products in the location of the fund. As of 2019, JWP's managed funds include the Ireland JWP ICAV, Portugal JWP FUND, and Cyprus JWP AIF V.C.I.C. PLC. JWP FUNDS has participated with the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI), Portugal Securities Market Commission (CMVM), European Central Bank (ECB), Cyprus Hospitality Industry, Renewable Energy Sector, and other high- quality resources and enterprises within EU, building the investment growth model with real estate funds as the heart core.

With the implementation of Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Development, JWP updating its first-class products and services, appreciating the renowned symbiosis benefits between customer and services, defeated all challenges and competitions from international financial and real estate market, looking for the reliable and excellent business opportunities in the scope of overseas investments indefatigably.




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