Global Land Reserve

A powerful guarantee for the sustainable development of corporation

The land reserve is the spring fountain of real estate. For the long-term planning with sustained high growth, controls the risks posed by municipal planning and price changes, and ensures the smooth running of developments, JWP reserved high-potential cities' gems from Greece, Thailand, Cyprus, Turkey, Japan, and other countries in 2019.

Since the beginning, JWP is not only expanding the developed scale but high-quality pursuit products as the core competitiveness of leading, focus on the Global High-End Homebuyers' unique customized needs, committed to providing define living solutions for excellence. Unparalleled operational strength, stable financial system, and sound financing had become the foundation of JWP's capability to conduct more high-quality projects in the future.


    Los Angeles, CA

    Plot area 1164.4 m²

    Gross floor area 5754 m²


    East coast of Phuket, Thailand

    Plot area 97600 m²

    Gross floor area 72500 m²

  • Five-star Apartment Hotel in Korahin, northern Montenegro

    Korahin City, northern Montenegro

    Plot area 7559 m²

    Gross floor area 12094 m²