JWP ICAV is an open-ended private equity fund with an umbrella structure, registered at the Central Bank of Ireland (the first immigration fund to assist foreign investors in acquiring Irish Stamp 4 residency visa, approved by both INIS and Central Bank of Ireland). JWP ICAV is gaining market momentum and popularity among immigration investors. The fund is expected to raise 100 million euros by the end of 2022. The Fund's primary investment focus is Irish nursing homes with potential for expansion and employment creation. We anticipate that the magnitude of the Fund will continue to grow during the next few years, with more capital expected after the next subscription window, recognizing that Ireland will be the sole native English speaking country in the EU following Brexit.

Fund registration approval letter issued by the Central Bank of Ireland

Fund approval letter issued by INIS

Investor Pre-approval letter issued by INIS

Investor Approval letter issued by INIS

Investment Strategy
Robust investment strategy

JWP ICAV Fund adopts a stable investment strategy. The investment target only selects properties with mature operation performance for acquisition to earn stable rental income. All targets have good historical operating data, and new properties with higher returns are abandoned to avoid possible start-up risks, completion risks, approval and registration risks, and operational risks of new projects.

Maximize exit liquidity

Only invest in small and medium-sized properties in the investment field designated by the Irish Immigration Office, the Fund will maintain a high liquidity when exiting the subject matter to the greatest extent for later sale. With the increase of the number of investors, the larger the fund size, the more the number of objects, and thus the more diversified the investment risk.

No bank leverage

Most private equity funds on the market, especially private real estate funds, use leverage to operate by using its assets and future cash flows of their target companies to get a loan from a bank. JWP ICAV Fund does not use leverage, and there is no bank loan, no senior debt or mezzanine debt. Investors, as shareholders, will be the first priority payer of the investment target.

Fund Features
Invested Portfolio - Mulli Nursing Home
Invested Portfolio - Teach Altra Nursing Home
Arbour Care Group - Dunboyne Nursing Home
Sacred Hearts Nursing Home
Carlingford Nursing Home
Greystones Nursing Home
Raheny House Nursing Home
Borris Nursing Home
Okdale Nursing Home
Middletown Nursing Home
Castlebridge Manor Nursing Home